"Old Route 66 Zoo"
"Smithsonian Site"
Missouri Archaeological
Survey "OR66Z"
Archaeological Site Discovered!
The Artifacts Exhibit the Workmanship of Our Earliest Ancestors and "The Origins of  Stone Technology."
Jesus answered, " I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones themselves will start shouting." Luke 19:40

New and exciting discoveries From the "OR66Z" site in Missouri Have yielded many new artifacts predicted by the professionals to be from a time Before "The Great Flood."
Links to Articles and Websites Documenting Artifacts from the
OR66Z" Site........

 Ken Johnston- author of the globally viewed website 
portableRockArt.com has published multiple articles documenting artifacts from the "OR66Z-23JP1222" site.

Alan Day - author of the globally viewed webiste DaysKnob.com published a page on his website documenting Artifacts from the "OR66Z-23JP1222" site in Missouri.

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